Various Kinds Of Promotional Badges

When it comes to the promotional field, you should know that badges have been in it for a long time. For many years, such badges have been improved and manufactured to ensure that they will have a functional value in companies. With that said, promotional badges have become part of many company products ever since they’ve been put to use in the marketing strategy.

The reason on why it’s cost effective is that it’s quite cheap to make and its usefulness is necessary for many companies. If you are certain that your company can make use of promotional badges, you’ll want to know how to make them now! With that said, you should read more of this article for more info.

Using ID promotional badges

First off, you will want to know about the ID promotional badge as one of the most simple badges that you can manufacture. In addition to the purpose of being an identification badge, this type of promotional badge is also used as small posters. As for the material used to make this kind of badge, you’ll only need to use metal or plastic but that depends on the request of the customer.

It’s also a fact that ID promotional badges are used for slogans and showing the company logo to the public. These promotional badges are also easy to use since they can be easily pinned on a lanyard.

Button pins as promotional badges

You may not believe it, but button pins can be pretty economical when it comes to promotional badge usage. When a company puts their logo in button pins, that means they’re using them as promotional badges. Adding to that, you should know that using button pins as promotional badges means that the company won’t be able to put a lot on it in the first place.

However, button pins are still viable as promotional badges since many teenagers decorate their bags with it most of the time.

The next one would be the flat lapel promotional badges

This kind of badge is basically made from metal and it usually has its own shape and has a colored enamel finish. Also, you should know that despite its unique properties, this is considered to be an economical metal promotional badge.

The embossed lapel badges is also a thing

If you’re looking to make promotional badges that have embossed enamel finish, then this is the one. The process of making this kind of promotional badge involves the stamping of dies so that the image will come out embossed in the metal base.

Then you have the photo-etched promotional badges

This promotional badge is made by etching the photo or logo of the company on the badge’s base that’s made of metal. This promotional badge also has a smoother enamel finish.

If you’re not satisfied with such choices, you can view here for more.

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