Alcohol In the Workplace

One person out of a number of ten individuals who are employed in various institutions always use alcohol. It is important to find the employee who consumes alcohol whom you employed without knowing that he or she has the problem of drinking alcohol so ensuring that you can have an opportunity to change the situation that the employee is placing your institution at.

Decline in the performance of work in the company is one among the other factors that can enable you identify the signs of alcohol in the place of work. There are so many things that make the employer or the owner of a business to spot those employees drinking alcohol in the workplace which results to them not to be high functioning as they are supposed to be which includes sleeping as they perform their tasks, smelling alcohol as they report to place of work or when they are returning from lunch break, staying away from the supervisors, making decisions without thinking of the consequences and facts and falling to keep contact.

When you have spotted such behaviors by some of your employees you will know that they have a problem of addiction to alcohol. There are two major things that can always recognize before spotting the other behaviors that are evident in an employer who drinks alcohol in the place of which are being unreliable and unexplained absence in the place of work by the employees.

Unexplained absences is one of the basic common thing about consumption of alcohol in the place of work in that the employees can report to their place of work late or leave early before the working hours are over and may altogether miss the job. Employees drinking alcohol in the place of work do not have good reasons to as why they missed or left the work before time and will start giving unconvincing excuses thereby making them to miss important meetings and appointments.

An employee who has the problem of struggling with alcohol will also fa ails to be a responsible member of an organization of business because addiction of alcohol can lead to brain blackouts. Brain blackouts can make an employee to forget about the responsibilities that they were supposed to complete and they might be missing deadlines of the tasks or leaving others uncompleted. Such failures caused by the employees who consume alcohol in the workplace can make their fellow employees to get frustrated or become angry as they cannot be relied on to perform various activities of the business.